Jul 30th, 2017

­My latest project , “The link. Gotas de hielo”, is a reflection about our contemporary society. With my created pieces, I question the increasingly fragile links that our world produces nowadays. Its constant movement and changing shapes, the lack of discord in which time flees because nothing concludes.


Under my perspective and as a way of understanding the present circumstances, I question the constant interrelationship between the observer and the massive information that invades us. There is no sufficient time for it to be digested and processed in its real importance.


I take Zygmund Bauman’s definition of “liquid society” and “liquidity” as its metaphorical aspect as my starting point to explain the unusual relationships that reveal the fear in our times. I create shapes with neither beginning nor end. They are melting ice drops reflecting the surrounding motion; they are mirrors of society capturing good and evil, they register these movements becoming memory of time passing. The Ice drops appear as delusional landmarks, falling like rain, revealing generalized frustration in communication, represented by the magnets that hold various pieces together, forming a contradiction by itself. It reveals the motion of society, advancing superficially but keeping still in its depth.

My quest is an eagerness to constantly transform space. This has forced me to deepen and take the journey to introspection. I research into materials for them to express the universe generated by the unconscious and emotions. My intention is for these materials to channel the “structures of the self”, concept that I like to pursue with this body of work and its resulting shapes.


The force that drives my work is renewal, the effort to encounter what is new. ”The link. Ice drops” is the result of a deep and broad research in materials and concepts that has taken me to this new artistic proposal consisting of large format mirrors. These have been manually manipulated until getting to organic shapes. I have extrapolated the usual usage of the material to create these new contradictory forms; transitory but also motionless at once.


My work takes me to an inner search but also to deal with inequality, injustice or different difficulties inherent in our present times. My position takes compromise with individual freedom and with the desire for a better world, where utopia ceases being utopic.




Hristina Milanova. Abril 2017