Free Fall

by Hristina Milanova

Free Fall

In physics, the movement of a body under the exclusive action of a gravitational field is known as free fall. Resistance is the force that a body undergoes when moving through the air.

Nature has been represented in all its aspects throughout history. Considered by all cultures as a source of wisdom, at the service of inspiration for the representation of the most important events of our existence such as birth, growth and death, that is, the cycle of life.

It is in this life cycle that Hristina Milanova draws her inspiration, updating her interpretation of nature by combining high tech materials, digital photography techniques and painting. The artist observes nature and filters it through her eyes, creating works that communicate the concepts of birth, personal growth, harmony, fluidity and regeneration.

The direct relationship between life cycles and movement leads him to work with the idea of the Free Fall, which gives the project its title.

Milanova emphasises the inevitability of the fall of all bodies caused by gravity and reminds us that Albert Einstein proved that the force of gravity is an illusion, an effect of space-time geometry. The Earth deforms the space-time around us, so that space itself pushes us towards the ground. The artist is interested in the evolution of this fall, in which we always encounter all kinds of resistance and which we must learn to overcome so that the fall becomes a flow and the resistance encountered is minimised. Circularity is a representative symbolism of the cycle of life.

Milanova interprets this through the soft, rounded forms of the images he offers us, as well as giving us the opportunity to find our own balance in them, allowing us to choose the direction in which we want to exhibit them.

One could say that Hristina Milanova swims in her works and with her thoughts she models the nature she photographs. The result is evidently harmonious, vitalistic and balanced like everything in nature.

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