The Link. Gotas de hielo

by Hristina Milanova

My latest project, “The link. Drops of ice”, is a reflection on contemporary society. With the pieces created, I question the increasingly fragile and unstable bonds that today’s world provokes. Its constant movement and changing form, the present discordance in which time escapes because nothing concludes.

From my perspective, and as a way of understanding the current circumstances, I question the constant interaction between the observer and the massive information that invades us. Without enough time to be digested and processed in its real importance.

I take as my starting point Zygmund Bauman’s definition of “liquid society” and the metaphor of “liquidity” that is applied to it to explain the unusual relationships that evidence the fear of our times. I believe forms that have no beginning and no end, they are drops of ice that melt and reflect the movements produced around them, they are the mirrors of society that capture the good and the bad, registering and becoming memory of the passing of time. Drops of ice that look like milestones of illusions falling like rain, in the face of the generalised frustration in communication, represented by the magnets that hold several of the pieces, which in itself is a contradiction. It is a society in movement that advances superficially but lacks movement in its depths.

My quest is the desire to constantly transform space. This has led me to an obligatory deepening and to embark on the path of introspection. I investigate the materials that best express the universe generated by the subconscious and emotions. I intend these to channel the “structures of the self”, a concept I wish to emphasise with these works and their forms.

The desire to find the new and renew is the engine of each of the projects I develop. “The link. Drops of ice” is the result of a global research of materials and concepts. This deepening has led me to the new artistic proposal of large format mirrors, manually modulated to find organic forms. I have extrapolated the common use of the material to create these contradictory figures; transitory but immobile at the same time.

My work leads me to inner enquiry but also to address the inequalities, injustices and difficulties inherent in today’s world. My stance is committed to the freedom of the individual and to change for a better world, where utopia ceases to be utopian.

H.Milanova April 2017

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