Trapped by Beauty (2019-2020)

by Hristina Milanova

Trapped by beauty

The impact of beauty on man produces respect and admiration, but art only recreates the sublime in nature. E. Kant

Only the sublime elevates the soul above mediocrity, but it depends not so much on the object as on one’s sensibility when contemplating it. I pronounce a cry to the observer, so that he opens up and begins to look attentively beyond the forms and objects. In his very attentive contemplation he will discover true creation. He will discover the essence of life, a connection that acts, in its expansion, as a bridge to greater awareness. This phenomenon is not only opened by the perceived beauty, but by a deeper multidimensional understanding. Therein lies the true source of all human change and evolution. It is precisely the sensitivity of the observer that is the focus of my entire discourse. I do not claim to understand the failings of the human psyche, but I do want to observe universal intelligence and the basic laws of nature. Then, having assimilated these universals, I translate them into everyday life.

The axis and the key to this process of sensitive understanding, the ability to grasp the beauty of existence in its deepest meaning, is in the being. A being capable of emotional maturity, capable of understanding that art, in its sublime creative expression, is a valuable evolutionary tool for the psyche. Today, the thinking mind is Machiavellian and has created rigid structures, socially, politically and economically. Moreover, the inequalities that have been generated as a result have highlighted not only its malfunctioning but also the lack of coherence between thought, word and feeling. There is a lack of real creative force.

If human beings do not assume their evolutionary responsibility towards balance and wholeness, they are destined not only to destroy their environment but also to destroy themselves. In search of a possible solution to this problem, I demand art that transforms its environment and reject art that does not commit to it. The creation, the observer and the environment are then unified with a clear message; to create a better world, from the individual responsibility of each one, with the personal commitment to look inward, taking the necessary time to realign feeling, thought and word. It is this alignment that governs the true magic of creation. In the last 10 years, the priority focus of all my projects has been to promote the balance of my environment and the human relationships within it. I have also wanted to contribute to the perceptual expansion of the observer through my research on the expansion itself and on the universal laws of the cosmos. I have been inspired by the scientific theories of space and emptiness of Nassim Haramein who says that there is no space-time but space-memory. This is a space that cannot exist without the observer who creates time in his subjective perception. It is the subject, then, who builds the structure of the space and its environment, from his accumulated experiences as memory. The material world we perceive is actually energy that is converted into structural information, thus creating our reality. So I ask myself: What is our role, can each of us individually participate in the change towards a more just, more loving, more free and more conscious world? Can we influence our immediate surroundings and the recovery of the environment? We are accomplices of the Universe, we are part of the infinite source of wisdom, of the structure of space, of the social structure; of creation in short. The obsession with appearance, falsely created by technological progress and the speed of communication networks, with their constant bombardment, distances us more and more from our true essence and from the need to share with others what is truly real. We have moved too far away from nature and banality has broken commitments, even the most personal ones. For all these reasons I once again claim the responsibility to look inwards again, to rediscover what is important and, from there, to create with a new look… With my aesthetic proposals I want to go further, I want to break the established forms and question them until I find what is really beautiful again. Our mental structure tends to reproduce itself through what we have learned and, with the feeling of being imprisoned in matter, prevents the true development of the being. Art and creation allow us to break rigid structures, being able to transform our environment. Let us move towards a more loving, more truthful and more conscious world. Let us connect with the essence with devotion and open our capacity to feel beauty as the most sublime thing in existence. A world without true connection to its being is a blind world.

H.Milanova 14.05.2021

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