Word-World. El Universo Elegante

by Hristina Milanova

Word – World. The elegant universe.

The egoic mind of the century, selfishness and vanity. Technological advances in computer technology not only created divisions between people and nations for different interests, but also provoked new discriminations, wars, deaths. An obvious and disproportionate ignorance. In short, humanity repeats the past. For without this past, who are we? Observing in depth the global problematic as an artist and participant in the changes occurred in this century, I launched my new project: “Word – World” The elegant universe. It is my latest project that is driven by my dedication to knowledge in various areas. The universal creative forces raise the individual consciousness to be able to transmit what has been learned in the environment. As the heart did not learn to think, the mind will always be a slave to the service of materialisation out of balance with nature and the very existence of the individual as everything small is in everything big and vice versa. Humanity will be forced to take drastic measures for its existential future. Love, truth, wisdom, justice and goodness.

These are the five virtues on which I have based myself. These virtues transform human consciousness into a cosmic consciousness of unity which perceives the being as a true creator. In this project the disciplines of sculpture, painting, writing, video, sound and movement are integrated in complicity. In my investigation of space-time, cosmology and science I experience the observation of the reality created in each work of art, aligning the two cerebral hemispheres of the mind to show creation in its purity of spirit. The world must materialise its spirit but not forget at the same time the spiritualisation of matter. The gift of creation is not an artistic skill of pastime or a manipulated achievement and success, it is a feeling, a loving and working day after day for the good and for the good. My art is not for the capricious, nor for the curious. It is for those who intuit that wisdom, health and lifestyle go together. Only healthy humans in mind and heart can create a new world.

“Word-World” The elegant universe. It was born from a lucid dream of a star where space curves around the star. Because of this curvature, not only planets orbit around the star, but also light stops travelling in a straight line and is deflected. This is the theory of the Riemannian Curvature. Since all matter originates and exists only by virtue of a force which brings the particle of an atom into vibration and maintains the shortest distance of a solar system. We must assume that behind this force there is a conscious and intelligent mind. This mind is the matrix of all matter. I smile and say: True art will always be a possible answer to teach us the next step of humanity otherwise it should not be considered Art. The only deference between people is their awareness of unity.

08.04.2022 H.Milanova

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