by Hristina Milanova


It is a project born out of experimentation.

The quest to go one step further and by touching new fields of exploration they discover high-tech materials.

The collaboration of several companies pushed me to create manually manipulated solid sculptures.

The painting withstood more than 300 degrees to remain intact which led me to go beyond the everyday as well as the innovation itself.

The return of the root and all that is nourished by the warmth remain intact to the oppression of the exterior that the individuality of a being is exposed to live day by day.

Between thoughts and all my senses three works are born. Return, beginning, empty drops.

Our mental structure tends to reproduce itself through what we have learned and, together with the feeling of being imprisoned in matter, prevents true development.

Committing to innovation in its broadest sense.

Let us connect with the essence with devotion and open our capacity to participate in a more loving, more truthful and more conscious world.

H.Milanova 09.2014

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