After finishing his studies in Economics in 2002, he started working in the family business, dedicated to the textile and fashion sector. She comes from a lineage dedicated to classical music professionally. It was in 2000 when Hristina Milanova visited Mallorca and was completely enraptured and trapped by the spirituality of this island.

In 2003, two years before the birth of her first child, the artist made an introspective journey and began to observe and artistically value the environment around her. This is how her restlessness to demonstrate her artistic abilities arises, which leads her to a constant struggle to evolve and exploit her potential and possibilities to the fullest.

She continues to advance with her fashion studies and becomes a finalist in “Art Jove” 2005 with her experimental collection “Aisha Zaliv”. In addition to this, she continues training in the fields of photography, image editing, dance and musical composition.

Her passion for architecture, science, cosmology, anthropology and Asian philosophy leads her to further research on human behaviour and emotional patterns of memory in time-space.
His first album is made in Oxford with the collaboration of producer and composer Sam Williams. Free Fall presents “NIT DE L ART 2015”: the soundtrack became part of his art installations.

To Be Space” is the title of the artist’s conceptual series of artworks. It reflects the importance of becoming space, redefining it and using it; living in harmony with the environment we create in order to be part of it.

The spaces are installations, full of references to colour and light, to energy that establishes a strong connection with the five elements of ancient Chinese philosophy: water, wood, fire, earth, metal.

This combination of European pictorial form and Asian thought is another example of a very contemporary and hybrid way of thinking that intrinsically contributes to changes in various aspects of our reality, not only in the artistic one. Milanova is a 21st century artist who no longer relies on the solutions proposed by the previous century.

Joseph Beuys evaluated the situation of our current reality by declaring: “Art is in crisis. All areas are in crisis (J.B., Cologne, 1973, p.163)”. In her paintings, Milanova shows us a possible way out of the crisis. For this, she takes the viewer as a partner, whom she conceives not only as an intellectual participant, but as a human being.

The theory of the five elements within Chinese philosophy is greatly deepened. This is very important for shiatsu, feng shui, tai chi chuan, qigong, etc.

The elements are a gateway to a broader understanding of the world, in which creativity is an integral part of life. The elements are not understood in terms of their material nature, but as energies existing between materials. They are part of the philosophy of nature.

In Europe, on the other hand, the Greek philosopher Empedocles (circa 495-435 BC) developed a theory of four elements (earth, fire, water, air). Seen as stages of transformation that can also oppose each other – fire and water, for example – the five-element theory allows us to organize these forces into a Gedankenbild or “thought picture” based on the number five.

The artist is attracted by this thought, because she sees in it the promise of a new and different way of life. Her paintings are proof of this fascination. However, Milanova is not interested in illustrating these ideas. But her knowledge about it is an underlying element of her paintings. The titles confirm her affinity for Asian thought.

In his reflections on art in “The Significance of Living” (Stuttgart 1982, p. 421), the Chinese writer Lin Yutang (1895-1976) writes about his artistic appreciation of life, “Art is both creation and recreation. Of the two ideas, I believe that art as recreation or as pure play of the human spirit is more important. “Milanova’s works contain these same emotions.

What the artist clearly conveys is how she is creating a new image of life under the Mallorcan sun since she left her homeland. This is not intended to be a continuation or break with tradition, but rather a new free awareness of life. This translates into intense and acute sensations in all senses.

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