My art is not for the whimsical or the curious, but for those who sense that wisdom, health and lifestyle go hand in hand” Hristina Milanova opens new creative space Minimal Design Hall with a truly exceptional exhibition. A multifaceted creator of recognized prestige, with an extensive, original and transgressive career in the international art scene, Hristina Milanova (Bulgaria, 1976) has lived in Mallorca for more than twenty years, although her work is present in numerous exhibitions and her collections are acquired by renowned entities, companies and prestigious collectors.

After the success of her last exhibition “Word – World. The elegant universe”- in one of Gerhardt Braun’s galleries in Palma, the presence of Hristina Milanova is undoubtedly the best possible premiere for the new interactive art space of Minimal Design Hall, which will exhibit to the public, during the summer months, selected works from the production of the Bulgarian artist, in addition to incorporating some surprises that, as with all of Milanova’s creations, seeks to shock the visitor with artistic proposals as bold as formally heterodox.

Are you a multi-faceted artist?

I actually consider myself a multifaceted and multidisciplinary artist, because I simply do not let myself be trapped by a repetitive discipline when it comes to expressing what is going on inside me. In fact I go further and let my feminine creative energy flow, the creation itself. In my latest projects I integrate my knowledge in different areas merging them with disciplines such as sculpture, painting, writing, video, sound and movement. The universal creative forces elevate the individual consciousness in order to transmit what has been learned to the environment.

What inspires you to create such a profound and impactful work? impacting work?

I am inspired by the environment, my dreams, the subtlety of nature… the wisdom of beauty in its broadest sense. I have assumed that my way of understanding art is not for the capricious or the curious, but for those who understand that wisdom, health and lifestyle are closely linked. I enjoy the creative process from the abundance of feeling to the disappearance of the self in its function with the space itself.

And how do you envision that future that has so much influence on your work?

It’s about having the vision to be able to create long-term value creation. I call it “the view from afar”, looking and seeing are not the same thing. It is a new world and in it virtues take priority for me as they build the human quality itself. It is a solid base in development, from which the game is more successful in every way. In the next decade there will be many structural changes in all areas precisely because of a lack of engagement and that will mean a demand for real talent and diversity itself and at its full potential. Ultimately, what you offer has to be the best or no one will buy it.

How does he manage to express something so apparently abstract and at the same time so subtly harmonious in his creations? yet so subtly harmonious in his creations?

I actually use abstraction as a bridge, as it is a way to open the dimensional mind, but in reality behind it there are universal laws that act through me, of which I only become a channel. In my research on space-time, cosmology and science, I experience the observation of the reality created in each work of art, aligning the two cerebral hemispheres of the mind to show the creation in its purity of spirit. The world must materialize its spirit but not forget, at the same time, the spiritualization of matter. Art Milanova 08.07.22

en collaboration with Minimal Hall. Motor design, architect J.David M.Jofre

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