Drawing with the camera

The exhibition of black and white photographs by Hristina Milanova (Bulgaria, 1976) was initially to be accompanied by music created by her together with the English composer and producer Sam Williams to emphasize two of the key aspects on which her works revolve: organic and architectural constructions. Although, in the end, these musical pieces are not present (they will be in her next exhibition on the occasion of PalmaPhoto), the mere initiative of presenting them together gives an idea of the universe that interests the artist.

It is the temporal structure that underlies both artistic facets: in the motif chosen for his photos, the natural forms stand out for their geometric configuration (the pine cone, the pine needles, the tree branches…). as well as their artificial forms (buildings, staircases, urban landscapes, piano keys…). But over them he introduces a temporal action that leaves a trace in the image only possible through the game with the mechanical possibilities of photography, that is, with the exposure time. This temporal factor, typical of music, adds to the image geometric lines that insist once again on this structural ingredient. which is also the basis for the musical composition.

There are also symbolic references in the inclusion of natural elements – such as water and wind in the commented musical pieces and in the images containing knotted strings. The latter, we are told, allude to the constraints imposed by power that subdue freedom of action and thought. But this interpretation, not being expressed in the work, gives play to this icon: its semantic richness lends itself to relate it to union or oppression. In this case it is the eloquence of this image that dominates over the artist’s intention.

Review Georgina Sas 2010

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